Every tile plan is unique, and it’s creation is a highly skilled, detailed, labor-intensive task which requires a great deal of precision and technical knowledge.  Joseph Moore has done more of these than he can count, for every application from kitchens, baths, fountains, floors,
walls, anywhere tile can go!  He requires the highest level of craftsmanship and most careful attention to its installation--but that’s all part of its beauty.  Below are several examples of his fine work.
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in his tile portfolio in full screen.
Printed Glass Tile in Bath
Marble Tile Pattern in Entry
Bullnose Tile used in Shower Arch
Shower Wall Detail
Arch and Glass Block in Shower
A Complex Tile Plan
Tile Plan Detail
Wall Tile Close-up
Bathtub Steps
Bath Floor Tile Design
Bathtub Trim Close-up
Tile Accent above a Kitchen Stove
Tile Insert above Kitchen Stove
Tiled Wall Behind Stove
White and Glass Tile in a Contemporary Setting
Contemporary Painted Glass Tile
Large Art Tiles above White Tiled Wall
Inset Tiles Help Frame a Vanity mirror
Vanity Back Splash Detail
Printed Glass Tile II
Classic Blue Tile Floor with exaggerated basebord
 Marble Tile to Wood Floor
Exterior Quarry Tiled Entry