I hope you’ve enjoyed
the tour of my work.
Now, just a little personal history
Hello everyone,
By now you probably realize I’m not your ordinary interior designer, as my proud display of the unadorned built-in children’s desk above, might indicate. Often when someone steps into a room I’ve designed, they have a curious expression on their face as they look around. They will scan the smooth walls, cove ceiling, tiled floor, built-in lighting and cabinetry. And then while admiring the sole vase of flowers on the elegant cherry wood table in the room, will say,“Very nice,” and walk away.  What they are usually thinking is : ”What they heck did the interior designer do in this room, except for a beautiful vase of flowers on a lovely table?”  At that point I can smile with satisfaction, knowing that I successfully designed the entire space in which the vase and furniture sit, allowing their beauty to shine through.  
      And that‘s what makes me a little different from your average interior designer.  I am fascinated with the context in which decorative objects are placed, and strive to artistically create the spaces and structures surrounding them to best enhance their display and purpose.  After the samples you have seen,  I hope you approve. Yes,  I really do love the decoration part,  and enjoy finishing a project until its final accessory is in place. Yet when all is said and done my heart lies most closely with its surroundings.
Below: wooden corbels awaiting installation
A railing and beam design in a remodeled home.
With deepest appreciation to some of my most respected clients:
Dr. and Mrs. William Styler, Greenwood Village, CO
Dr. and Mrs. Stan Watkins, Golden, CO
Mr. Raymond Dravesky, Denver, CO
David Gloss, Attorney at Law, Denver, CO
Ms. Jennifer Bater, Denver,CO
Ms. Nancy Tucker,  Denver,CO
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gharrity, Greenwood Village,CO
Tony Torres Interiors, Denver,CO
Bryan Pulte Interiors, Denver,CO and  Grosspoint,MI
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Casey, Denver,CO and            Houston,TX
Fowler, Schimberg & Flanagan, Attorneys at Law, Denver, CO
Sun Country Airlines, Denver,CO
Denver Kitchen Works
Waterstone Development, Denver,CO
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nuszer, Denver, CO
Jon Hindlemann Architecture and Design,  Denver, CO
Colo. State Representative, Gayl Berry, Denver
Mr. Craig Peterson, Denver,CO
Mrs. Ann Pena,  Denver,CO
Mr. Dean Berry, Denver,CO
Mr. Rick Linkletter, Denver,CO
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Chapman, Denver,CO
Wellards Woodworking
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Sala, Lafayette,CO
Mr. and Mrs. John Ruther, Denver,CO
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Marconi. Denver,CO
Mrs.Olivia Thompson, Morrison,CO
Mr. Erik Sellstrom, Denver,CO
Dr. Elainne and Terry Scholles, Denver,CO
Mrs. Suzanne Joshel, Denver,CO
Mr. and Mrs. H. Heckendorf, Denver,CO
Mr. Richard Simpson, Denver,CO
Mr. James Teuller,    LasVegas, NV
Mr. Rodney Bake,  Denver, CO
Any many more....................
On the Slopes
                      Some Background
I was born and spent the first 20 years of life in the Kansas City area.  I began art studies at the age of three at the Nelson & Atkins Museum’s program for children at the insistence of my mother, for which I will always be grateful.   As a child I recall being inspired by the St. Louis Arch and The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, which I saw while they were under construction.  I had the privilege of visiting them with my father who served as a consulting engineer on both projects.  Later in high school and at the University of Kansas I studied painting and art history.
In Denver, after 10 years in the banking industry, attaining the position of assistant vice president specializing in marketing and product design, I made the leap and enrolled full time at the Interior Design Institute of Denver.  I graduated in 1992 from a rigorous program that emphasized drafting, perspective rendering, and a thorough knowledge of structure.
As an architecturally trained designer I believe that floors, ceilings and walls should be integrated as a whole.  Wherever possible I will build-in furniture, integrate lighting, and add architectural details that control the ultimate look of a space. The goal is to create a harmonious and unified physical setting which matches and enhances my client’s life style.  I specialize in technical drawings for which I am often commissioned by other interior designers. It is not unusual to form a team with other designers, local artisans and craftspeople to bring the project to life.  I also provide construction management, and finish the project with furniture design and plans, color and fabric coordination and even custom artwork.
I have worked with Denver based architects and developers on new construction and remodeling projects.  I pride myself on my ability to stay within an architectural style, whether it’s enhancing a 1910 Fisher and Fisher home, reconstructing a 1975 contemporary home into a European style villa, or designing every room from floor to ceiling for a new-built structure.  My goal is to create  a consistent style, and expansions and updates that are structurally and visually seamless.
Since I began Joseph Moore Design in 1989, the company’s work has been featured in several local and national publications, and televised in 22 countries. Using my graphic arts and marketing skills I enjoy helping local charities by designing a variety of art work for them, from invitations and program covers,  to decorative pins and t-shirts.
I reside in downtown Denver, Colorado.