From the whimsical to the regal, with some elegant simplicity in between, Joseph Moore has designed scores of fireplaces which have been custom built. He creates mantles that unify with their surroundings, yet stand out as remarkable design to complement the room.
A basic yet elegant addition
Newly constructed with built-in coves and sliding panels
Fireplaces can present a challenge to the designer.  Next to kitchens they most closely mirror the client’s personality and uniqueness. It requires a very perceptive designer to capture the essence of the client’s personal taste in creating the “hearth”.  From the most basic to the elaborate, a talented designer can find an accurate reflection of his client’s style.
As with all of the built in elements he designs, Joseph begins with an elaborate fireplace drawing that is approved by the client. When given the go ahead, the carpenters and other crafts people can then proceed to build it according to his exact specifications, inch by inch, from the drawing.
An elaborate fireplace , built with cabinetry, coves, and sliding wood doors above it, which conceal a wall-mounted television.
Fireplace plan and specifications
A simple yet elegant tiled bedroom fireplace.