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In addition to traditional interior design services, Joseph Moore is able to offer design plans typically associated only with an architect.  Unique among most interior designers, he is capable of producing precise plans for home additions and expansions, including exterior remodeling, refacing, or reconstruction of existing building facades. His skills span from complete restyling of a structure to landscape design.  He also provides on-site project management to insure that the original design and schedule are followed during construction.   In order to maximize creative options for style and functionality, Joseph hand draws detailed space plans, and precise construction documents which can be built from directly.  He can work closely with your chosen architect or structural engineer, or independently if the project is simple enough. As a result this can substantially lower costs while maintaining and even enhancing quality.
Completed newly designed and accessorized wall cove
The Crew at the Cabin
A structural beam configuration by Joseph Moore under construction    
 A stained glass window pattern designed by Joseph                
Above: Construction document for built-in element
As an academically trained interior designer, Joseph provides complete design services for remodeling, space planning and redecoration of interior spaces. As seen in the example of his work in the living room above, he is able to provide you with a total design from top to bottom.  In a remodeling project here, he restructured the size and shape of this room, while consulting with the homeowner-chosen architect.  He then created a new ceiling and lighting pattern, newly designed structural columns, window shape and size, and flooring type. He provided detailed drawings for each phase, supervising the work every step of the way, working closely with the contractors. Joseph then assisted the homeowner in choosing the furniture, draperies, room colors and accessories.  He even conceived of and painted the beautiful artwork you see on the green wall!  Joseph designs for older and newly-built single family, loft and condominium residences, as well as offices, retail, and commercial projects. Nearly all you will see in the photographs that follow, from the ceiling beams and moldings, pillars, wall coves, window styles and coverings, tiled floors, stair railings, most of the cabinetry, and even some of the free standing furniture was designed by Joseph Moore.
Joseph highly respects your unique style, and works diligently to give it form and function in the final design.
This sleek contemporary bath displays just one of the many design styles which Joseph can skillfully recreate.  
           But how can I afford an interior designer?
Really the question should be: How can I afford not to?  From simple and quick design-to-sell, or a well planned kitchen or bath remodel, to new construction, Joseph Moore is very aware of  the costs to his clients.  Besides his wide-ranging talents and pleasant demeanor this is one reason why his business has been so successful. Ever hear the cliche about any construction project, “It costs twice as much and takes three times as long?”  That’s in large part why Joseph is there, to prevent that sort of thing.  His precise construction documentation, and construction management save the client time and money. Often a cabinet salesperson, “upscale” furniture store, carpenter, tile installer, etc. will casually offer “design services.”  This is often what leads to the cliche coming true, or a disappointing result.  Sometimes just of few hours of Joseph’s time can result in remarkable savings overall, and a very practical and creative design to boot!
Joseph is also aware that not everyone is wealthy.  He charges very reasonable fees which vary depending on the nature of the work and scope of the project.  He generally bills an hourly rate, minimizing markups on materials or purchases.  Joseph works independently which allows clients to hire their own chosen installers, carpenters, painters, etc., or he can locate them for you.  Unlike in-house designers from kitchen stores, national design firms, or other retail and big box stores, he has no stake in where and what brand you buy, it all depends on your needs. This also can result in considerable savings. Joseph believes that good interior design is a necessity for a healthy and happy lifestyle, not a luxury, and strives to make it affordable to a diverse group of clients of various income levels.